Auto Credit Based on PlanesofJundroo's SmokeShow

I landed, and then I tipped over, leaving my capsule to break off the lander...


  • Predecessor: SmokeShow
  • Successors 1 sandbox(s)
  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version:
  • Solar System: SolarSystem
  • Planets: 6
  • Game Time: 9.0 days


Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
Daceni-Cylero Sargami Rocket Sun 3 0kg 15,861.1Mm 16km/s
Craft-6 Sun 16 0kg 14,683.7Mm 19km/s
Relly V Droo 9 0kg Ground 0m/s
Selene-Relly CubeSattelite 1 Luna 11 0kg 602km 413m/s
SpaceX Dragon 1 Droo 3 0kg Ground 0m/s
Tishouo Rover v1 Luna 36 0kg Ground 0m/s
Relly Lander Falcon v1 Luna 24 0kg Ground 0m/s
Relly VI Landing Site Luna 24 0kg Ground 0m/s
Relly VI Droo 3 0kg Ground 0m/s
Solar Sattelite I Droo 4 0kg 70.0Mm 382m/s
Relly Rover 1 to pave wy for Discovery Rover Luna 15 0kg Ground 0m/s
Dragon 1 mission 1 Droo 22 0kg 419km 3,045m/s
New Droo 4 0kg 922km 2,413m/s
Relly VII Luna Descent Capsule Droo 16 0kg Ground 0m/s
Craft-40 Droo 2 0kg Ground 0m/s
Relly IX Luna 3 1,042kg Ground 0m/s
Craft-42 Droo 29 0kg Ground 0m/s
Craft-45 Luna 20 0kg 4km 13m/s
Craft-46 Luna 3 1,216kg Ground 0m/s


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