Auto Credit Based on Dinocraft649's Song Bug with jet engine

Okay bois , I got it ! First Lunar orbit and without that much problem ! all those KSP hours paid off (even thought I never got to anything else than Mun , Minmus , Eve and Duna) . I'll upload the rocket too when I am done with that . You could , without any problem , land back on Droo , just be a little carefull , not that much fuel left.

PS : the sat in Droo's orbit is the one from Saras One's lauch , nothing special about it.



Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
Saras one Droo 17 0kg 148km 3,343m/s
It Doesn't work well Luna 8 2,099kg 1.6Mm 370m/s


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    @Aguis yeah , noticed that after some time , forgot I posted that comment , thanks for telling me anyway

    6 months ago
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    30 Aguis

    @Dinocraft649 Maybe because you have saras one, and the sandbox in the bug report has saras one.

    6 months ago
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    Hum , I don't know why this auto-credited a bug report , would love answers XD

    6 months ago


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