Auto Credit Based on RAF100's Opportunity craft resting site

This is related to a rle ( Real Life Event, )as of 2019, Voyager 1 is now interstellar, i decided to recreate it in SimpleRockets 2.



Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
SPACE COMMUTER Luna 421 0kg 544km 466m/s
SPACE COMMUTER Cylero 421 0kg 340km 1,307m/s
SPACE COMMUTER Tydos 421 0kg 13.7Mm 13km/s
SPACE COMMUTER Urados 421 0kg 26.1Mm 2,694m/s
SPACE COMMUTER Droo 421 0kg 117km 3,420m/s
Space Station Celo Droo 1608 244,961kg 660km 2,851m/s
Craft-21 Cylero 1 50kg Ground 0m/s
Craft-22 Cylero 1 30kg Ground 0m/s
Opportunity Rover (MER-B) Cylero 72 0kg Ground 0m/s
Voyager 1 Sun 16 7,409kg 79,417.7Mm 12km/s
Craft-26 Tydos 4 0kg 40.5Mm 7,969m/s
Craft-27 Tydos 4 0kg 40.5Mm 7,968m/s
Craft-28 Tydos 3 0kg 171.7Mm 4,009m/s

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