Auto Credit Based on AdAstra's crashes/freezes when loading designer dandbox

A backup for the current assets i've placed in space. A failsafe for my own personal use, but i'm happy for anyone to have a look about, knock yourself out.



Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
Cargo Dragon Luna 22 0kg 10km 743m/s
Honister 1 Satellite Droo 53 0kg 81km 3,426m/s
Module 2 Droo 93 0kg 93km 3,411m/s
TESS Droo 41 0kg 995km 2,647m/s
Bigelow Station Module 1 Droo 412 2,974kg 96km 3,406m/s
Cygnus Droo 111 0kg 90km 3,414m/s


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    450 AdAstra

    @AnotherFireFox i'm currently trying to work on it but i'm having massive issues with the game crashing. i can wipe the drives clean and it'll work fine, but i will loose everything. So frustrating. Once i get it sorted i'll post the station modules + Orion up for download :)

    +1 2 months ago
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    I really want to have an inflatable biglow module soon ;)

    2 months ago


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