Auto Credit Based on pedro16797's 30 AGs and 50 colors chip

the first comercial radiosatilite on droo
baced on a balistic misile the deltath rocket is cheap small and light perfect for those small companys who are just getting started


working rocket

workin radiosatilite

3 tv cameras for the option to live stream the launch or look for faliors but that less cool so

and a non explody desine

well what are you waiting for get this cra i mean amazing rocket for only 99999.99 gbp


  • Predecessor: 30 AGs and 50 colors chip
  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version: 0.8.302.0
  • Price: $2,220k
  • Number of Parts: 151
  • Dimensions: 20 m x 3 m x 3 m


  • Total Delta V: 3.5km/s
  • Total Thrust: 1.3MN
  • Engines: 9
  • Wet Mass: 24,031kg
  • Dry Mass: 5,575kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 5 2.4km/s 606kN 1.7m 24,031kg
2 2 255m/s 176kN 25s 18,301kg
6 1 910m/s 32kN 53s 2,204kg
9 0 0m/s 0N 0s 1,485kg

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