Hey, you! Yes, you miserable little peasant! Are you tired of putting up with the crap that exists on this hell-in-disguise? Great! If you want to get away from all those toxic fortnite gamers, furries... and worst of all... the... (shudders) KSP community.. then feel free to hop into the JESUS CHRIST PLEASE GOD SAVE ME READ THE BIBLE OH MY GOD NO version-1! It will ensure you that you will never be reminded of that hellhole named "earth" ever again. The initial plan was to launch you to space, but you would probably be instantly eradicated from existence due to G-forces that are unheard of, and whiplash that could probably tear your body in two before you leave the atmosphere! This is for people who think that a shotgun and a 12-gauge slug is overrated. And it's for the low low price of $231,000,000! So unless you're kanye, or bill gates, stay away from us! We don't want you here! You're worthless to us, and we reccomend that you should kill yourself immediately.
Oh wait.


  • Created On: Mac
  • Game Version:
  • Price: $230,980k
  • Number of Parts: 85
  • Dimensions: 252 m x 32 m x 37 m


  • Total Delta V: NaNm/s
  • Total Thrust: 148.0MN
  • Engines: 37
  • Wet Mass: 35kg
  • Dry Mass: -60,444,696kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 37 NaNm/s 148.0MN 8s 35kg



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    2,586 GSpace


    one month ago
  • Profile image

    well my PC didn't break, and i was smart enough to calculate an impact on mars.

    +1 2.2 years ago
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    18.9k Rafaele

    Wet mass: 35 kilograms...

    +2 2.3 years ago
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    Scared for the life of my computer, I put it onto 1% thrust and it was instantly beyond the Karman line.
    Worked perfectly as intended. 5 stars

    +2 2.3 years ago
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    100 ItzGray

    With 148MN of thrust for 8s I'm scared my computer will break

    +3 2.3 years ago


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