Auto Credit Based on Exospaceman's Luna 16

I made a replica of Luna 16 and it looks soo Realisitc

Luna 16 was the first robotic probe to land on the Moon and return a sample of lunar soil to Earth after five unsuccessful similar attempts. The sample was returned from Mare Fecunditatis. It represented the first lunar sample return mission by the Soviet Union and was the third lunar sample return mission overall, following the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 missions.

Luna 16

Luna 16


note: you may have to transfer some fuel tanks to the Descent stage and Return stage. There are some fuel lines that don't work


  • Predecessor: Luna 16
  • Created On: Mac
  • Game Version:
  • Price: $249,782k
  • Number of Parts: 578
  • Dimensions: 91m x 14m x 14m


  • Total Delta V: 10,425m/s
  • Total Thrust: 91.0MN
  • Engines: 68
  • Wet Mass: 3,849,086kg
  • Dry Mass: 275,542kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 36 1,972m/s 57.6MN 103s 3,849,083kg
2 14 1,345m/s 22.4MN 65s 1,442,340kg
4 5 2,506m/s 8.0MN 140s 743,149kg
5 1 34m/s 1.6MN 4s 199,605kg
7 7 252m/s 950kN 19s 73,706kg
9 5 4,315m/s 450kN 498s 47,304kg


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