Auto Credit Based on InfinityTechnology's UNSC Earth Defender(1)

This is a Monkton class orbital defense platform in Halo,It has a MAC Cannon as its weapon to protect the planet which humen is living.

In 2552,the covenant fleet get to the Earth,three important SMACs,Cairo,Athens and Malta joined the defensive operation,in the end the Athens and the Malta has been destoried by the covenant, The Cairo suffered heavy losses.

The Monktons are also a kind of supply station for the UNSC starships,it has two ports to dock with them.

Here's the way to play:

You can place it in a established orbit or on the flat surface of a planet.

Cortana(Famous AI in Halo)will tell you the way to operate it by three times,so you need to take care of the top of the screen.

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  • Predecessor: UNSC Earth Defender(1)
  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version:
  • Price: $809,657k
  • Number of Parts: 2819
  • Dimensions: 1,152 m x 697 m x 709 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 501kN
  • Engines: 25
  • Wet Mass: 3.14E+7kg
  • Dry Mass: -639,772,224kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass


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    Mobile users should change a light(On the top or near the ports and the bridge) which controlled by AG1 to activate the programme,or you can't activate the Cannon correctly.

    (Don't care about the names of the AGs because of my carelessness )



    Pinned 16 days ago
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    Hey, can you build the UNSA Retribution from Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare??, i would love if you can build it

    2 days ago
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    1,065 healGG


    3 days ago
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    3,030 PorkyClown3

    "They're retreating I don't believe it we won!"
    -Malta marine
    Seconds later the Malta explodes

    4 days ago
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    1,820 SelectAKey

    soo cool. i would but one up but im kinda a stickler on the AG's being labeled if im going to keep it, it also starts in the editor upside down. if you know what they all still are that would be awesome.

    11 days ago
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    630 shaozuo


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    652 MOXMAKER


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    3,030 PorkyClown3

    So pretty!!!

    16 days ago
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    Fine by me

    16 days ago
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    3,172 MengHan


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    @LDRA 我可以😂

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    2,046 LDRA


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    1,693 Icezhuo


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