This is my first series of fictional rockets with crew

I think you know everything about Novo V1.2. I just mounted a crewed capsule made by me in this week of a small nap.

It can carry 3 astronauts to orbit and dock with space station. It has two sets of parachutes. Drogue parachute and main parachutes. It's parachutes are reusable (I added them to AG LoL!!)

If you want to fly it manually then go to menu>Edit program>Menu in the the program>New program

Activation Groups

  • AG-1 : Launch escape system
  • AG-2 : Use it after ag-1/ drogue parachute
  • AG-3 : Use it after AG-2/ Main parachute
  • AG-7 : Becon lights on crew module
  • AG-8 : Landing Legs
  • AG-9 : Solar Panels
  • AG-10 : RCS


  • Nothing LOL!


If There Are Any Problem Or Suggestions With Craft Then Let Me Know About Them In Comments 😄

Hope you like the craft


  • Created On: Android
  • Game Version: 0.9.404.0
  • Price: $37,485k
  • Number of Parts: 165
  • Dimensions: 48 m x 7 m x 3 m


  • Total Delta V: 5.0km/s
  • Total Thrust: 13.1MN
  • Engines: 18
  • Wet Mass: 1.56E+5kg
  • Dry Mass: 25,808kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 2 531m/s 3.8MN 19s 1.56E+5kg
2 4 700m/s 2.2MN 30s 1.1E+5kg
3 1 1.4km/s 580kN 1.8m 56,989kg
4 1 1.8km/s 260kN 2.3m 28,088kg
7 1 432m/s 21kN 2.8m 8,684kg
12 4 49m/s 1.6MN 0s 6,303kg


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    Any problems with craft? Let me know about them here

    Pinned 19 days ago
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    @Tweedle_Aerospace Actually I am learning how to make a Vizzy. I think I can make rockets well but not about Vizzy. I usually use other ones. Can I join?

    13 days ago
  • Profile image

    @MSCSpaceworks hey would you like to join the IAAR? It stands for the International Association of Automatic Rockets. You meet the requirements for it. Please respond ASAP if you would like to join!

    +1 13 days ago
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    @Xionmass I'm increasing delta V from rocket to rocket. These V2 series may launch you upto luna. But I trying to make V3 series a lot huge to make it all the way to Cylero

    +1 15 days ago
  • Profile image

    @Zyvx Thank You 😄

    +1 15 days ago
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    @MSCSpaceworks yes, automated is how I know I made ok rocket, if it makes it to Mars or moon automated, it's probably a good rocket (I hope)

    +1 15 days ago
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    11.8k Zyvx

    @MSCSpaceworks that's fine, your honesty still worth the vote, the rocket without Vizzy would still have gotten a upvote from me.

    +1 15 days ago
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    @Xionmass Thank you

    15 days ago
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    It's a great rocket

    +1 15 days ago
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    @Zyvx Sorry to say, I wanted to be honest. The Vizzy was made made Kelly. I usually use that for testing my crafts just before uploading to make the work easier. I came to knew this just now. I forget to save this craft and downloaded just now and I saw that there was a Vizzy script. I really don't know while uploading. Sorry!

    18 days ago
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    11.8k Zyvx

    This worked really good, it's some nice Vizzy work you did. Awesome job

    18 days ago
  • Profile image

    @Ishaanpal Thank you, 😄. Did you take a break? I haven't seen your crafts recently

    18 days ago
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    2,227 Ishaanpal

    @MSCSpaceworks Very nice with 0 problems!!!

    +1 18 days ago


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