Auto Credit Based on York's SK-27 Sixth-generation concept fighter

The updata is as follows:
1. Air to Air Missile : can be guided and fired at a locked target, you just need to open the magazine and target node a craft and then press AG 9.
2. A more stable auto-trim.
3. Do not rely on auto-trim flaps, I used a funcation to fit the deflection angle, which greatly improved its balance.
4. More details and low visibility coating.
5. Faster yaw steering speed.
Here is entire content:
This is a sixth-generation concept fighter focused on maneuverability and high-speed performance, as can be seen in its airframe design, which is inspired by the Chinese J20 fighter and a sixth-generation aircraft vision.
The aircraft also adheres to the design concept of parallel stealth fighters, focusing radar reflections in several directions.
It uses full-motion canards, full-motion vertical tails and full-motion ailerons, which greatly improves its maneuverability, full-motion ailerons are not yet used in reality, but I think the use of them is the trend of future fighters.
Its flaps can also be deflected and generate extra lift, and since it uses canards, which means that the trim torque is all positive, the aircraft's low-speed performance is excellent, and the minimum take-off speed can even be below 60m/s.
It also mimics the J20's pneumatic brakes, which can use movable airfoils as speed brakes to greatly improve braking efficiency.
The maneuverability of this fighter is very powerful, and the stable and instantaneous disks are excellent. After turning on the super-maneuverable function, at sea level and at Mach 0.9, its maximum overload can even reach 50G, which is impossible to achieve in reality. It has high angle of attack flight capability, excellent controllability and stability.
It is equipped with the Vizzy program, automatic trim and assisted landing are essential, and below is how to use the aircraft.
AG 1: radar search, it can automatically lock onto the nearest plane in front of it.
AG 2: auto flap, turn on below 150km/h and match the deflection angle according to the speed
AG 3: super agility, the fighter is more agile
AG 4: auto trim
AG 5: fixed speed, use slider1 to adjust the speed, fighter can fly at a constant speed
AG 6: post stall maneuver, large angle-of-attack maneuvering
AG 7: landing aid, easy to land
AG 8: landing gear
AG 9: launch a missile, the view will switch automatically, do not launch at high angle of attack and fuselage rollover, and make sure the target is within range of the front hemisphere of the aircraft
AG 10: open the magazine
Slider 1: adjust speed if AG5 works
Slider 2: adjust maneuverability
However, the fuselage transition was not smooth enough. Hope someone can improve it. Hope you can have fun driving it. Translate from Chinese



  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 95kN
  • Engines: 7
  • Wet Mass: 23,235kg
  • Dry Mass: 17,518kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 2 0m/s 0N 0s 23,235kg



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