Today, when I was testing my new gravity steering algorithm, I was confused by a problem. When I've got the rocket at a certain speed, it's turning to an angle. Then wait for the rocket to tilt to that angle and use "lock heading on (prograde)". Then I click to switch between "surf" and "orbt" and find that there are two different speed directions, while "lock heading on (prograde)" performs two different direction locking respectively. Although locking is correct. But if I switch between the two speeds during the launch, it will result in two different launch results. This is quite confusing to me, although I can execute this command without clicking on this one and get the launch to the desired result. But I'm still confused by this setting. I would be very grateful if someone would like to extend your warm hand and point out how to let the rocket lock in only one mode direction when switching the display of different speeds. May simple rocket technology give you strength.



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    1,499 Silentime

    @sflanker Thank you very much for your answer. I seem to have found something interesting in it now

    6 months ago
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    Mod sflanker

    These two modes for velocity exist because sometimes it is useful to know your velocity relative to the surface (which is what "surf" mod shows you), and on the other hand in space it is more useful to know your velociting relative to the planet's center. If you use orbit velocity sitting on the ground you will see that you are moving at over 100 meters per second. The behavior you are seeing with regard to Vizzy is because "prograde" depends on what the user has selected in the user interface. It is unfortunate that Vizzy does not make it possible to specify which version of prograde you would like to lock to. I hope this helps.

    6 months ago

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