I've been working on a Venture Star or X-33 inspired (not replica) SSTO that can carry 30,000 kg to low orbit -- or bring it down if need be. I've been struggling with landing gear that don't get totally crushed under a 100,000 kg vehicle at lifting-body speeds.
Here's a video of a successful landing.
Previously I've gone to orbit and re-entered without burning up. The last part I need to work out is planning the re-entry so I arrive at the runway with the right amount of energy.


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    I must say - Do it in RSS!

    8 days ago
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    95 swope

    @Chancey21 from your Martin Master specs:
    Wet Mass: 41,385kg
    Dry Mass: -181,176kg

    +3 10 days ago
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    3,215 Exospaceman


    +1 10 days ago
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    95 swope

    Turns out this design is controllable at 100m/s and perhaps even slower. I was fooled because of the bug where the elevons don't work until Stage 1 is triggered. The rotators and hinges were working, but not the winglet control surfaces, so I was underestimating the control power at low speed.
    Landing at 140m/s is quite hard to do.

    10 days ago
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    2,305 Chancey21

    Cool! If you like SSTOs then you might like to try my Martin Master SSTO, it’s easy to fly and it’s cheap!

    +1 10 days ago
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    153 KraZIvan

    The spacecraft is looking pretty good! also not a bad landing btw

    +1 11 days ago


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