I start my Saturn V as usual. It explodes in 1.5 minutes. He always flew normally but once something went wrong. And you know what?This is what I love, just like in real life. By the way, my LES proved to be excellent. He was programmed by Vizzy to act at the time of the crash. Thanks to the game developers for this immersion. It's really cool.

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    @IntegratedSpaceSystems Yes, I didn't write it exactly but the reason was a slight error in the construction. Normally he did not cause a disaster, but under certain conditions it revealed itself and caused an explosion. Here I am reminded of the challenger catastrophe, it was only there that certain conditions led to the catastrophe. And many shuttles before, flew normally. Despite the design error.

    +2 5 months ago
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    It definitely isn't supposed to do that. If something explodes or goes wrong with your craft, it's 99.5% of the time some mistake in building and designing the craft. Very rarely does the game break or do something wrong

    +2 5 months ago
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    @KraZIvan I know that sounds like a joke. But that's honest. I love the emphasis on realism, even if it hinders gameplay. But realism is worth it

    5 months ago
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    10.2k KraZIvan

    Not sure if being facetious or honest

    +1 5 months ago


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