Today, at 11:30 GMT+1 a mission run by POLSA, aiming to set a geostationary orbit around the planet of Droo failed due to engine failure. The satelite failed to descend from 9,200km down to 8,803km, where the geostationary ring is, and the orbit is now at 9,793km and 8,803km, making the satelite orbit in 15 hours, 1 hour longer than expected. The satelite is rendered unusable due to not being able to communicate with its ground reciver.


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    240 Oski

    @andrewkrause it doesn't have any docking rings. I will try and lunch a new mission today.

    1.5 years ago
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    Could it maybe be captured in the cargo bay of a shuttle which then transfers it to a lower orbit? I include docking rings on my satellites. You can capture them this way, refuel them, reposition them, or deorbit them.

    +1 1.5 years ago

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