I am having so much trouble trying to make planes lift off the ground. Everytime I try, it refuses and gets off the runway exploding and I don't know how to fix it. Oh and how do those rotators with wings work because I can't seem to make them work.



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    2,767 Chancey21

    Tag me on the plane with issues

    5 months ago
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    850 deusalgor

    Easy way to make sure that your plane, possibly, can fly:
    1. Check if your plane's center of lift is slightly behind the center of mass.
    2. Check if your back landing gear is not too far from center of mass.
    3. Check if your wings generates enough lift force for your plane's weight.
    4. Check if your engines lined correctly in relation to the center of mass.
    5. Check if your engines generates enough thrust.

    Also don't forget that semi-symmetric and flat bottom wing profiles are bugged right now.

    +3 5 months ago
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    You have post some pictures.

    +2 5 months ago


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