many things have happened since i began the revamp at the start of 2020 and now that it has been over a year since the project had gone underway here's so updates

what's done ?
the entire saturn v launch vehicle is mainly complete with just the interiors of the lunar and command modules that need finishing and for those who are wondering yes it runs at a crispy 3fps mmmmmmmmmmm

and kindly thanks to kiru the launch tower is now finished and looks amazing

why has it taken so long ?

i want this to be my best work and the most realistic looking saturn v on the platform and school exists and to do all of this takes time something school says no to on a regular basis

i'm hoping to replace this on the 52nd anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing (that's june 20th) so a bit more waiting to go your pc will have this time to prepare itself for the hell it is about to receive



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    Now this is the Saturn V that is gonna make your Phone 30x the force of Nagasaki Bomb

    one month ago
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    3,387 rocketcrazy

    @Arstotzka now you can turn ur pentium gt710 combo into you very own atomic bomb :)

    4 months ago
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    7,116 NotAGopnik

    a few weeks later
    “There have been multiple bombing reports coming in from all over the world…”

    +1 4 months ago

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