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Drag Calculator?

I’m assuming there will be some sort of drag calculator for SR2, and it will be from the top to the bottom. (Since that’s how rockets go). What if we want to build a plane? Andrew had said and hinted many times that planes will be a big factor in SR2
(He landed a plane on the Smoon and there is a runway). Will we have to build our planes facing up? Will we be able to rotate drag directions? I am very interested to see how this turns out.


In SR2 I think it would be nice to have some settings on the rocket engines and hopefully plane engines. The jets in SP have always felt kind of dead to me because of the lack of customization. I also hope Andrew will consider adding plane engines because as I said before the game is geared towards 65%rockets 35% planes I think. A prop and jet would be nice because how crappy would it look to build a WWII Replica with rocket smoke? XD

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    2,782 Chancey21

    YAS @AndrewGarrison

    11 months ago
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    @Chancey21 Yep

    11 months ago
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    2,782 Chancey21

    Thanks for the feedback, also will we be able to edit fuselages in numbers as well as arrows? @AndrewGarrison

    11 months ago
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    Drag will be calculated from 6 cardinal directions (up,down,left,right,front,back) so it won't matter if it's a rocket or a plane that is being built, the drag will calculate the same. Certainly is easier to build a plane horizontally than vertically.

    We don't have any non-rocket engines yet, but I imagine we will add some eventually. No promises on prop engines though.

    +4 11 months ago
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    stock ww2 replica with rocket smoke
    that reminds me of unmodded ksp
    also, idk if we'll have a drag calculator, since rockets aren't really affected by drag in space
    but i see where this could be useful

    +1 11 months ago

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