I've been thinking a lot about making SR2 look more detailed and one of the things that makes it look unrealistic (compared to other games like KSP) is how plain the textures are. They're very useful and detailed but they lack scratches, bumps, burns...

I think the best approach (and kind of simple) would be a texture overlay with 4 layers (or 5 as I explain at the end):
- Heat damage
- Bumps
- Part texture
- Scratches

With this overlays 3 part attributes (heatDamage, collisionDamage, useDamage) that are directly correlated to the respective layer transparency and also to real consecuences like part failures over certain threshold.

Heat damage should increase if a part goes over certain temperature, and the higher the temperature the faster it increases. As it raises the part turns black (with a texture, not just black) and it gets to the max opacity at about 2/3 the maximum suffered heat damage. When reaching the max heat damage threshold the part is destroyed.

Collision damage should increase with collisions over a certain speed. As in heat damage the stronger the collision the faster it increases. Max opacity should be at the same value than the max damage threshold.

Use damage should increase both with time and with low speed collisions and increase the scratch layer opacity, this alone shouldn't be able of reaching the max damage threshold but it should contribute, and the part failure point should be calculated with the 3 parameters combined.

A 5th layer may be useful for cryogenic fuels, adding a frost layer when in atmosphere and under 0ºC, increasing opacity the lower the temperature gets.

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    459 swope

    I also think edges should have overlay texture. I spend way to much time scaling textures on tanks so the horizontal seams and on the edges of the cylinder.

    3 months ago
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    459 swope

    Love this idea. Maybe heat damage and char are a bit different. If the plume of an engine impinges on a part, it might get soot deposited on it without being hot.

    3 months ago


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