It would be very useful to completely exclude cargo bay doors and simply have the bottom half. I'm thinking mostly about making the ramp at the back of a cargo plane.

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    10.6k pedro16797

    It would be very useful to have 1/2 and 1/4 fuselages that have only 2 and 1 corner respectively

    7 days ago
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    4,204 KraZIvan

    This. I was going to suggest a 'fuselage' or fuel tank part that was hollow, but I think this would be easier to implement for the devs, it could just be a tick box in one of the settings for the cargo bay.

    This would go great with the implementation of the other suggestion for more customized cargo bay dimensions.

    4 months ago
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    @Mod Ba dum thats a bad pun tsss

    8 months ago
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    Mod Mod

    Now this is a suggestion that could hold some value.

    +7 11 months ago


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