It would be nice to have lights to shine back add fuselage pieces so spacestations are more visible on the dark side of stellar objects.

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    Yes... this is going to be a big update.

    +1 3 days ago
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    30 Fifcie

    It would be cool if we could toggle the light types (omnidirectional, directed, spotlights), angle, power, color and how far they reach.

    +4 25 days ago
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    A custom light in which we can choice the power output, color and angle on the VAB.
    The scale of the prop could be proportional to the power output.

    +3 one month ago
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    yes, docking in dark side is a pain :-)

    one month ago
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    100 JoshuaW

    yes, and not only beacon light like in SP, but spotlight that can actually lighten up the ground

    +5 one month ago
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    2,464 Mod

    This is one of the most needed things, especially for exploration of the dark side! Fake lights don't really help see anything at night, and the ambient lighting just looks a little.. eh.

    +7 one month ago
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    865 WNP78

    By the way - if you set a paint colour's "glossiness" setting to custom you get an emission slider. Setting this to full is a good way to emulate a light.

    +4 3 months ago


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