So you can just tell the game what to do, such as:

  1. Increase throttle to 100%
  2. Activate launch stage
  3. Fly for 20 seconds
  4. Activate next stage
  5. Turn to 45 degrees
  6. Fly for 10 seconds
Suggestion Planned


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    760 deusalgor

    @AndrewGarrison how about adding ability to fully program behaviour of command pod/chip using C# and UnityScript? So players can create SAS for specific crafts, or even write an AI for their sandbox needs? (automated SSTO refueller, suborbital launchers, etc.)
    Example from other similar projects:
    Lua command module in From The Depth. It executes user written Lua Script every 100 ms (if I remember correctly)

    10 days ago
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    1,195 pedro16797

    @mjdfx150529 I would love to see that. In KSP kOS mod added a screen for data display and I programmed Flappy Bird and snake :D
    Being able to relate altitude and speed with angle or being it possible to calculate aprox. landing location could add lots of possibilities for simulation or high efficiency.

    16 days ago
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    I'm a very casual player for games like this, I've struggled getting far into games like KSP but Simple Rockets 1 was PERFECT for me. That said, after some time into the game, this feature (automated flight) was what I wanted most.

    Seeing this feature in the Road Map here 100% convinced me to buy Simple Rockets 2 in early access (I'm aware it's not guaranteed, but it gave me enough of a push to buy), so I'd love to see this happen!

    27 days ago
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    0 lamont

    One thing that I'd suggest is considering overhauling conceptually how staging works.

    Consider rockets like Falcon 9 Heavy and Delta IV Heavy which have a center core which needs to throttle down X number of seconds into the launch. Or stage-and-a-half designs like Atlas, where the boosters drop X number of seconds into the launch. In order to get accurate Delta-V displays whatever fuel flow simulation you design to analyze the rocket, needs to know about these events and when they will happen. If you try to analyze those rockets without those events occuring at the correct time then the delta-V display will be off (Atlas has something like 8000 dV on the pad if you don't know when to drop the engines correctly).

    Also consider the fact that a lot of the KSP stages are useless for deltaV analysis (all the 0dV stages in MechJeb or KER). There's a difference between sequencing of events and actual rocket stages with significant delta-V (ultimately ullage motors and sep motors are also not very interesting for guidance and having the game 'know' the difference between the two will make writing guidance a lot easier).

    Also the ability of users to rearrange staging in KSP in-flight is fairly horrible for doing any kind of advanced guidance. Again this goes to sequencing-vs-useful rocket stages. If the player rearranges something largely unimportant for guidance (e.g. the launch tower separation was in the wrong stage, so they fix it in-flight) then re-identifying which stage has become the significant boosters + core + upper stage can be very problematic. Making it easy to track the actually significant rocket stages would be worthwhile.

    And I guess I should have led this whole comment off with a suggestion to consider programmable-staging as a somewhat separate problem from programmable-guidance -- since the staging problem is tightly coupled with the need to accurately predict the future state of the rocket in order to calculate accurate delta-V values.

    +3 one month ago
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    Yes, for me, it would be really cool to have a real programming language to control your rocket using our own programs

    +1 one month ago
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    @mjdfx150529 Sorry, but I have removed the API for black licorice.

    +4 one month ago
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    1,949 mjdfx150529

    Please have LOTS of actions and conditions to play with it!

    if (gameLaunchDate > 20181108): {
    give(@AndrewGarrison, food.candies.blackLicorice)
    return(“game delayed.”)

    +1 one month ago
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    1,346 tsampoy

    Wow, now it’s like Scratch, where you have to code everything.

    one month ago


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