I am using a fairing base here for aesthetics and don't want it to break away, so in the tinker panel I have set the staging to None and it no longer appears in the staging editor.. but no matter what other stages I add to it, that fairing always fires with the first stage.

To reproduce:
.Place a Fairing Base anywhere on any craft
.Open Tinker Panel and set Staging Activation to None
.Note that the fairing no longer appears in the stage editor
.Launch the craft and see the fairing base will fire off as soon as you fire the first stage (even in the case of this craft where there is no first stage at all)

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    Fixed in commit: c6bd875cfafd93f9c84309255e4604028887f274

    17 days ago
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    7,061 pedro16797

    This is actually fixed with xml tinkering, are you planning to make it possible to change this from the tinker panel? @AndrewGarrison

    18 days ago


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