The music in the game is nice and all for when you're actually in-flight, but I personally don't find it very enjoyable when in the designer. Currently the designer plays whatever track was last playing, which is fine but I don't find most of the music fitting for designing things.

SimplePlanes' music was good for both flight and the designer, but this game's music is only good for flight in my opinion. Basically what I want is a dedicated music track for the designer (or multiple, but that'd be more work) that's something more like SimplePlanes' music (or even the original SimpleRockets 1 designer music) while still fitting this game's theme.

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    maybe throw in some SP classics, such as "Interstate"

    28 days ago
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    34 NikNak

    Not plugging.....
    But I'm more than willing to provide all my tracks/beats for this if anyone feels they would suit?
    Search @HubsBeats on Spotify, iTunes, TikTok, etc

    3 months ago
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    376 AtlasSP

    actually when I play SP and SR2 I usually turn off the music, because the music is not suitable.
    It would be nice if the dev made the in-game music customization feature.

    4 months ago
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    330 MCSpace11

    Two Steps From Hell
    X ray Dog

    4 months ago
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    5,568 TestRunner

    More music good,
    I hear SP2 in my sleep!
    But I personally will have to disagree with the Simple Planes comment.
    I played Simple Planes for 10 minutes then shut it off because of the music.
    I’ve tried building with my own but I have to crank the sound effects so I hear when things attach etc.

    4 months ago
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    I personally use my own music when i build , but is also a good idea to have diferent music for the designer

    4 months ago


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