Docking is hard to me and other players so... By that this is my suggestion:

A option to make rocket itself make every docking stuff if the rocket have enough fuel, monopropellant, etc. That only Will work if the craft is in orbit

Thank for watching. I wish it Will be added

Upvote if you like it and if you want to this be added

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    @rhuetherjr I mean the craft Will make all the docking procedures.


    7 months ago
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    Do you mean that the craft would perform all the docking procedures or that it would rendezvous with another craft that is already in orbit. If it's the former, that is easy enough using RCS and transition mode. (You can simply set the desired dock as your target and lock onto that target) If you mean the latter, I would say that the rendezvous/dock is probably the most difficult aspect of the game. That being said, when you accomplish it, it is very satisfying.

    8 months ago
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    We actually need this

    8 months ago


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