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hi there. i am a stupid and defective guy who forgets everything.
status on juno: active
status on simpleplanes: a little active
also read description for every of my craft.
the first part of my descriptions are literal essays and i edit my post description and comments a lot to check for misspells.
my credits:
10,000,000,000,000,000,000 special thanks for @Wenhop for being so friendly to me and making suggestions for better builds
10,000,000 thanks for @DrexxVolv for formerly being kind to me
1,000,000 special thanks for @Elga and @Flamoringo and @IceCraftGaming for boosting my points more
100,000 special thanks for @Spenzerointernational for his beautiful planes and @ChalxAerospace for his beautiful planets and systems
go follow those 7 users and upvote them.
500 yay
1,000 yay
2,000 yay
3,000 yay
lel simpleplanes account
(note: i am less active on simpleplanes and my jno account is more developed)
for airliner people
i am a aircraft, rocket and shuttle person. i like planets and planetary systems too.
this is my biography. bye!

Previously known as pianoplane, pianoplanepianorocket, pianoAerospace, PianoZystersAerospace, PZLAerospace, PZLAerospacesAgency