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I'm a space enthusiast from [REDACTED], flordia and also a scp fan. Pls don't call me lazy if i modify crafts. On average I play 1 hour and 45 minutes per day due to school crap (I will be more active during winter/spring/summer break)

Oh also I have a simpleplanes account

Hermes is to small for ariane v plz help Edit: Scratch that
note: The Hermes has a cargo bay with a robotic arm help is aprexcceiated for the arm


This is a smol country with a smol population of 6 million people

We have lots of oil (plz don't invade us America) and we are a coastal country so our economy is based on oil, plastics and fish.


If u be fwend then u get oil
ALRX Industries and Aulourian