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Hello, fellow rocketeer.

Hello! I am nothing more than a secondary student with big dreams. I am very invested in aerospace. Rocket science is something that really sparked my interest about one and a half years ago, and still continues to amaze me. I love science; thermodynamics, chemistry, physics, electronics, astrophysics, astronomy, etc. I am an entrepreneur, per se, as I see endless opportunities and keep rushing around, starting new projects, and trying to get a foot in as much doors as possible. I am continually trying to develop my knowledge. I feel everyone's limits are only bound by their mindset, and their imagination. The limits are our observable universe, but I see worth in the cosmos, every star a possibility waiting to be unlocked. I love philosophy, and so I do my best to understand everything to the best of my abilities. Even though Simple Rockets 2 is nothing more than a game, I take it seriously. I don't mess around, and give everything my best go each time I watch the counter count down to liftoff. I don't have a degree in anything, but my knowledge earned from this game is to a degree that I feel I could probably just build my own rocket in my backyard, and fly it to the moon. Having invested more than 160 hours into this game, I have had my share of successes and failures, but putting my best foot forward I am confident in my abilities, and almost excited when a unknown-failure occurs because I get to debug and sharpen my knowledge. I have had successful flights, so well rehearsed that I've managed to fly
new (from scratch) crafts to the moon and land rovers on Cylero for the first time without any hitches. I am resourceful and prepared, and have performed rescue missions without the need of an extra craft. I have estimated values to almost perfect numbers of fuel and delta v but still strive to improve accuracy. I do not fool around when it comes to risky missions, and sometimes I do actually feel like they are real some times.

Anyway, enough blabbing, I'm sure you know enough about me. Many of my experimental crafts are not posted but I would appreciate it if you took a look at my crafts, and give me suggestions. You will notice that I don't post that often but that is because I often work on projects in streaks, take a break, then start a new one. Recently, I have been busy and haven't had as much time to play as I would have liked, but It's all good. I appreciate your support :).

I am sorry that there is not much documentation on my crafts. I wish I had recorded and posted to YouTube or something but no plans at the moments.

Thanks, Mcdonalaid101