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Just a guy wanted to explore space and beyond.

Introducing Amihan Reusable

Amihan R for Amihan Reusable is a next-generation rocket that is capable of recovering the first stage via propulsion landing vertically and can be reused for the next flight. It is an upgrade version of Amihan Expanded (or Amihan E, AE) with landing legs, grid fins for guiding the booster to the landing pad, and a new powerful engine named Phalconet engine.

Dedicated SmallSat Launcher - XS

Amihan Extra-small or Amihan XS is a small but powerful rocket that is capable of delivering a smallsat payload into orbit. It is for the budget-looking clients who wanted their small payload to be delivered in orbit in the cheapest payment. It can carry payloads weighing up to 1,000 kg.

Amihan Expanded is the next generation Amihan rocket of JRZ Space. Bigger than our previous Amihan rocket. This rocket can send a bigger payload of up to 42,000kg. The future unit can be used for the rideshare program.

Amihan Expanded features:

  • Bigger Fairing
  • Multiple-Engine
  • Higher Performance
  • Lower Cost

Amihan XS is now accepting payload!