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Currently taking pics for Andromadae Binary System.

PFP is Giorno Giovanna from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

Things about me

I'm just a Brazilian guy trying to make stuff for SR2/JNO community and i'm planning to do videos on YT about JNO and maybe SFS too, the channel is here
Im good at planet making but also im so much lazy
Certified JoJofag

Things i like

I like memes

I like playing JNO, SFS, Minecraft, Roblox, CoDM, etc.
I like animes like Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (specifically Golden Wind and Stardust Crusaders), Mob Psycho 100, Dr Stone and Cowboy Bebop.
I like doing fan arts about my planets or stuff about JNO, here are some that i made 👇

(This one up here isnt at all a fanart i think, its just a Mini Galaxy idea ive had)

Planet Studio goals

  1. Recreate Kharia System. (Solar System based system) FINISHED
  2. Recreate Kentaurus Binary System. (Alpha Centauri Binary System based system, i mean the system from Avatar) WIP
  3. Recreate Garmmasticia System. (Kerbol System based System) FINISHED
  4. Create Andromadae Binary System (binary star system with binary habitable planets orbiting) 97% finished.

    Profile goals

  5. Reach 500 points. (REACHED)

  6. Reach 1000 points. (NOT REACHED)
  7. Reach 2000 points. (NOT REACHED)
  8. Reach 3000 points. (NOT REACHED)
  9. Reach 4000 points. (NOT REACHED)
  10. Reach more than 4000 points. (NOT REACHED)

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