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I'm a loser, loosen up

magnum opus almost done

ChaseyWasey - ChaseWilsons - Vee

Hi people, you know my name. I'm a planet maker with a sense of humor dryer than a Popeye's cracker. Again, I make planets, I don't think they're top notch but I like to believe I know what I'm doing. But I try to learn and improve every day, I even grind in my sleep. I would like to learn how to make crafts someday but I'm too lazy, an example is that I've been playing JNO since like 2 years ago and only now got around to making planets.

There isn't much that anyone reading this might care to know aside from what I mentioned, so yeah that's it. You can ask if you'd like to know anything else.

ongoing projects:

Radicas System (Overhaul)
Starrum System (Overhaul needed)
Carphercas Galaxy: August.
Trappist-1: No idea.
TG Lethe System: July.

Future projects:

The LSA: a comprehensive story version of the systems.
1276: a subsection of the story that investigates MA 1276, The Cylero Trench, and the infection in Radicas.


1k - May 11th

2k - May 22nd

3k - June 3rd
10F: 14th June

my profile pic is not an upper shot of Kurce. It's taken that way, similar to the Urados one I had because it looks like a C.

Previously known as dundundundado, ChaseWilsons, ChaseyWasey