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I love rockets and space my company is gravy aerospace
And also all of you who used my afx v0.2-0.3 thank you so much for 25 downloads on my afx v0.2-0.3 this is my first achievement I’ve ever gotten and announced on the SimpleRockets 2 community so all of you who helped me get this achievement thank you so much I couldn’t have done this without you! And hey I’m back even though crew dragon demo-2 got moved to May 30
Note 2nd day with any length power outage here in a row
I just lost my first molar eating chocolate
I can’t play sr2 on pc for now cause it’s only sr2 where the steam bootstrapped just freezes and stop responding about right away
Also I don’t know if I should allow this game to make any changes to my desktop device yet like it has mostly normally been asking if I want to let this game make any changes to my desktop device or not as I have this game and SimplePlanes on Steam

Let’s go I share and ISpace let’s go!!!
yep the steam bootstrapper for sr2 is totally dead for my pc for now
i hate steam now for only crashing when i select properties for sr2
Yesssss YESSSSSSSSSSS SimpleRockets 2 finally loaded on a computer but not the one with the problem that causes the game to crash about right away after it starts loading on
Requesting the testing beta app thing made by apple yea TestFlight for me to have an sr2 beta request for

I swear the internet on my Ios device has been literally taking forever to load sometimes recently now and today.
I just got the book called Ignition! An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants
just today which is 10-26-2020
Rest In Peace to all of the people who lost there lives in the mag 7.0 earthquake in turkey and Greece today that caused a tsunami 10-30-20
New News At IonX: We have started development of a new satellite for a new satellite series and constellation called DrooSat and this is the V1.0 series of it and we started construction of DrooSat V1.0 1 earlier this morning today which is 11-2-2020 or November 2nd, 2020.
Rest In Peace Alex Trebek. 1940-11,8,2020
Thank you so much just sooooooooo soooooo muchhh to everyone
Also, how do I get the steam beta? I know how to get to properties and then betas but what do I do next to get steam beta for SimpleRockets 2?
Pc reset and upgraded today sr2 back but broken all planets plain spheres Droo’s only land is the launch site and space center, I tried at least 1 other sandbox and well still happening.
Working on something, not an ordinary post, but a challenge, a home and handheld game console challenge. Famous or not, old or new of any age, loved or hated like the Wii U, made by any company, and alot more.
I also just landed on T.T. so I might be the first ever player to land on T.T.
And the cuber who solves rubik's cubes like 2x2-5x5 megaminx 3x3 pryaminx skewb twist 3x3 picture cubes and more