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A wise man once said
"I don't know "
" Simple Rockets 2, This is the way"
"When snails get together for a party, it's most likely to become a slug fest"
"When whales fight, they really whale on each other"

Noticed I reached Gold status 11-16-2021
Thank you to everyone who comments and upvotes for making this happen

I use to play simple planes, and now simple rockets 2. I use only mobile on both games. My main goal is to make fun creations. Hope you enjoy.

Still reading my profile, thanks for taking a interest, or maybe you still reading this out of strange curiosity. Since you're still reading this I got some age jokes, I loved jokes since the dawn of time. I would tell you my birthday, but calendars didn't exist when I was born. The candles on my birthday cake are more numerous than the bits of data in the total population's DNA of Earth and beyond. My childhood pet was Rex, a T-rex. I remember the good old days, one Earth, one continent. I'm glad the all mighty made land, I got tired of swimming. The big bang theory is a good guess, but not how I remember it. They say you forget things as you get older, but I can't seem to remember who they are. With age comes wisdom, the older and wiser I get, the more I realize the more I don't know. You're still reading this, what a interesting person you are. Stay Awesome