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A random space nerd, car nerd, plane nerd, and train nerd, who plays way too many video games and has enough self-loathing to power a whole city, unfortunately i'm really inefficient so you'll only get like a few watts at best
On this game, i'm a planet builder and craft builder, fictional and replicas alike for both kinds. For crafts, it's mostly overpowered super-sci-fi stuff for maximum velocity, but sometimes i may make something more tame. As for planets, virtually anything goes, from the standard to the unusual, but generally i simply take templates and modify them, including size, gravity, terrain, colors, textures, lighting, and sometimes even some of the more complicated stuff.
i'm fairly active, so contact me if needed, i can usually respond quickly

Simpleplanes site account: JeskoGoesVROOM
it's outdated compared to my SR2 account page, and yes the username is cringe lol


  • most of the crafts i make are intended for sandbox mode only, and most of them aren't compatible with career, and either way, they're too overpowered for it.
  • my crafts may not work in the future as time progresses and updates to the game come — i will try to keep them up to date and working as intended in new versions, but there will inevitably be some that were so horribly broken by updates that they're unfixable


usually i don't like self-promotion, but a majority of my stuff comes from my own fictional universe that i've made over the years, so if anyone's interested or just wants to know the lore behind some of the crap i make, here you go:
(note: incomplete)

upcoming leaks - stuff that you probably can't access yet, use it to get a glimpse of how things are going (text only)

Zenith Galaxy

An explorable recreation of a fictional galaxy that is featured prominently in my aforementioned fictional universe's story.

1.0 (OG)
1.1 - Exotic Places
2.0 - Beyond The Horizon

Mortan System

A fictional star system with plenty of funky worlds to explore, also part of the aforementioned fictional universe

1.0 - Public Release
1.1 - Runes 'n' Dunes
1.2 - Total System Overhaul
1.2.1 - God This Is Pain
1.3 - Climate Cleanup
1.4 - Beyond Insanity
1.5 - Looking Back
1.5.1 - Flareout


Additional systems related to Mortan lore-wise; the links lead to their latest version game-wise, but most of them are extremely outdated as they come from my early planet building days

Efidiris (retired)
SDU Trinary System


Planets in this scale are around 5 times as large as other celestial bodies, as the stock system celestial bodies are around 1/5th their real counterpart's size. This results in them having a near-equal size to real life celestial bodies.
This series contains both real system replicas and fictional systems as well, with the former's simpler styling (compared to other users that made replicas of said systems), resulting in the "Very Basic" name
(essentially this is my own version of what most people refer to as "RSS scale", after user HyperPatch's highly detailed Solar System replicas)

Replica VB star systems:

VBSS - Replica of our own solar system, made purely with noises, planet brush, and an unhealthy dose of pain and wasted time
VBT1 - Replica of the planetary system of TRAPPIST-1, a famous red dwarf star around 40 light years away that has 7 planets in a compact system
VBTGS (later) - Replica of the planetary system of Teegarden's Star, a red dwarf around 12 light years away with 2 planets, both with very similar parameters to Earth
VBAC (later) - Replica of the Alpha Centauri system, the closest stellar "neighbour" to our own system. Unlike most other replica VB systems, this one features a number of both real celestial bodies and fictionally added ones too.
VBTC (planned) - Replica of the Tau Ceti system, one of the more famous star-with-exoplanets systems out there.

Fictional VB star systems:

Vanar - A single red dwarf and its rather strange selection of celestial bodies.
Ehretvar - A white-yellow star, with two gas giants and their moons being the main attraction
Worand - A yellow star and one singular gas giant with a variety of moons that are useful for tourism, exploration, and mining.

not my stuff but useful:

post formatting tutorial - how to do funky stuff with text, such as links, alongside stuff like this and this

planet making tutorials and guides (collection, by fellow planet builder Seeya)

quick links to the latest crafts, sandboxes, star systems, celestial bodies, game mods, and game suggestions

If you have any questions regarding my creations, please contact me directly on the related post if possible.

I'll allow all of my uploaded posts to be edited and uploaded by anybody without needing to credit me in the description, the auto credit will do the work just fine, however if it doesn't recognize my original post, then please do credit me!