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very fast boi

Simpleplanes site account: JeskoGoesVROOM
it's a bit more developed than my SR2 account page, and yes the username is cringe but it's not like this one is any less cringe lol

I make celestial bodies and star systems in Planet Studio, as well as crafts in the designer, mostly ones that go brrrr and shred physics, but some don't. Depends on how i'm feeling, or just what i want to make in general. Perfectly normal stuff, i'm sure...

Currently addicted to Planet Studio, the game's planet building tool. I still make crafts, it's just that i don't post them here often, compared to celestial bodies at least.

Also, i use this account page as a quick link to some stuff, so don't bother with some of the links, although feel free to check them out, none are too harmful (to my knowledge) and none should expose any private data.

I'm one of the more active users on the site, so contact me if needed, i can usually respond quickly.


upcoming leaks
Progress Lists:
Mortan: Coming soon
ZG: Coming soon
Vanar: Coming soon

Zenith Galaxy - A completely explorable recreation of a fictional small galaxy used in my lore.

1.0 (OG)
1.1 - Exotic Places
1.2 - Gone Too Far (soon)

Mortan System - a fictional star system with wacky lore and many other things

1.0 - Public Release
1.1 - Runes 'n' Dunes
1.2 - Total System Overhaul
1.2.1 - God This Is Pain
1.3 - Climate Cleanup
1.4 - Beyond Insanity (latest version)
1.5 - Looking Back

MortanBonus - additional systems related to Mortan

Spectralis-Diabolis-Unapidas Trinary System

Vanar System - a fictional star system in the VB scale

VB SERIES SCALE - Planets in this scale are around 5 times as large as other celestial bodies, as the stock system celestial bodies are around 1/5th their real counterpart's size. This results in them having near-equal size to IRL.

VBSS - Replica of our own Solar System, made purely with noises, paint brush, and an unhealthy dose of pain and time wasting
VBT1 (soon) - Replica of the planetary system of TRAPPIST-1, an ultra-cool red dwarf around 39 light years away
VBTGS (soon) - Replica of the planetary system of Teegarden's Star, a red dwarf around 12 light years away
VBAC (soon) - Replica of the Alpha Centauri system, the closest stellar "neighbour" to our own system. Featuring a number of both real exoplanets and fictionally added ones.
VBTC (soon) - Replica of the Tau Ceti system, with several unique exoplanets.

Car Replicas (of my favorites ones):

Lamborghini Egoista
Koenigsegg Jesko: - Older version - Newer version
Pagani Huayra (soon)
McLaren F1 (soon)
SSC Tuatara (soon)
Hennessey Venom F5 (soon)

not my stuff but useful:

post formatting - how to do funky text stuff like this and this
quick links to the latest crafts, sandboxes, star systems, celestial bodies, and game mods

If you have any questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. regarding my creations, please contact me directly on the related post if possible.

I'll allow all of my uploaded posts to be edited and uploaded by anybody without needing to credit me in the description, the auto credit will do the work just fine.