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Vos Aerospace Corporation

A Completely Mobile Based Engineer - Our crafts are built on an iPad

Our Mission:

To make space accessible to all while pushing the boundaries of human civilization with the end goal of making humans intergalactic.

Satellite Launch Services:

We provide per-Kilogram launch services for private customers. Should you want to launch you payload with us, please contact us through Discord.


“Officially the best mobile builder, not only do they actually work, but they also are not laggy for mobile nor PC” - Saouva

Founding Member of IARDA (International Aerospace Research and Development Alliance)

Member of the IAAR (International Association of Automated Rockets)

Contact us:

Notable Quotes:

“Well, it technically landed... Just not in one piece.”
“That wasn’t an explosion. It was just a rapid unscheduled disassembly.”
“Anything is a zipline if you try hard enough”
“Nobody said docking was easy. That’s why we do it.”

Previously known as DrydenVos