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suggest planet ideas!

planet builder

hi i like to make planets, fictional and replicas

i also (very rarely) make crafts


List of systems

DNE = System is done, and most likely published.
WIP = Work in progress
ADN = Almost done, not published yet.
PLN = Planned, development has most likely not started yet.
CNC = Canceled, either due to glitches or other stuff.
DSC = Discontinued, for the same reasons above.

Cerias System v1.2


The first system I have ever made. Four planets orbiting a Solar-like star, with the moons of said planets being the main interest of the system. Most of the celestial bodies are just templates with small adjustments.
This system does not use texture cubemaps.

Kepler-1649 System


Procedurally generated real-scale replica of the Kepler-1649 system.
Due to a game-breaking glitch when making the clouds of Kepler-1649 b (I didn't know how to properly make clouds at the time), I had to cancel it, only the star was uploaded. This system does not use texture cubemaps.

Desk Lamp System/Human-Scale Objects System


A tiny system where the planets are everyday objects instead of celestial bodies.
Currently, only Desk Lamp, Basketball and Watermelon were uploaded. This system uses texture cubemaps.

Kepler-22 System


A (very bad) real-scale replica of the Kepler-22 system, consisting of Kepler-22 and Kepler-22b. This system does not use texture cubemaps.

Small Juno System


Recreation of the stock Juno system, but the celestial bodies are 1% their actual size. Currently, only Small Droo and Small Brigo were uploaded (small droo looks like crap lol i'm planning on remaking it). This system does not use texture cubemaps. (this system might get cancelled because i almost never work on it)

Hisuthea System


Fictional real-scale system. Only Hisuthea, Aigawa, Isomia, Obos, Dranov, Nezoth and Okenia were uploaded so far. This system does not use texture cubemaps. A demo of the system has been uploaded.

Realistic TRAPPIST-1 System


A real-scale replica of the TRAPPIST-1 system, with planets having detailed textures similar to the ones seen on artistic impressions. Currently, only TRAPPIST-1h, TRAPPIST-1g and TRAPPIST-1f were uploaded. This system uses texture cubemaps.

Cerias System 2.0


A complete overhaul of the Cerias system, which will improve a lot of the celestial bodies. This system will not use texture cubemaps.

Vetiea System


A real-scale system consisting of a black hole called Vetiea with 6 blanets orbiting around it. Currently, only Ekagua was uploaded. This system will not use texture cubemaps.

Extremely Tiny Milky Way


A procedurally-generated replica of the solar system, but all the celestial bodies are really small. For instance, Earth, in real life, has a radius of 6371 kilometers, but in this system it has a radius of only 637 meters. The distance of Mercury to the Sun in real life is 57 million kilometers but in this system it's just 570 kilometers. Then, there will be most (if not, all) stars that are within 1000 light-years to the Sun. (in the system, 1 light-year = 1Gm [1 million kilometers])

Ellipse Solar System


A replica of Sun, Earth and Moon as seen in the mobile game Ellipse: Rocket Simulator. This system was specifically made for low-end devices. This system uses Cubemaps textures.

wow i have like 5 systems to work on