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Hi there I am Vedhaspace
I am a space and rocket lover :)
I have alot of dreams and aim

Thanks to Simplerockets 2
It's a very good game tbh
I will make some rockets, planets, systems and rarely planes
Thanks everyone who supported and supports me
I have alot of friends here in sr2 community!
I think I am blessed 🙂

I think I will do some rockets irl

Some rockets that I like (I like almost every rockets I have images of some only)

I am the first Indian to reach 10k points in 2021-2022
I also have the most points in sr2 from India!
But yeah points doesn't decide how good a player is (because of upvote cults)

But still it's an achievement idk why lol. For me idk if mine are Upvote cults but make sure you download and play with my creations.
Upvote is still important 😅😅😅

Previously known as Vedhanth, Vedhaspace, NotVedhaspace