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about me and what I do

Im a Fairly new Community developer and i love making things and im the proud owner of Aurora CO. Space industries . My plan is to post 2-3 builds a week. I’d also love feedback from you guys too, so I know what to improve in my builds:). I also take suggestions and Requests as well. If you guys like my builds leave a upvote and if theres enough, ill consider a rebuild. I also do build requests too, if there is enough votes and if its reasonable. I don’t have any social platforms but feel free comment i do read them and reply to some. I primarily build stuff that have demand and purpose, but i also build fun and random stuff too. I don’t do scripting or mods at the moment though. But I hope you injoy my builds;)

Aurora CO. space industries mission

—Our mission here at Aurora is to work toward making aeronautics the new simple by improving builds, performance and labeling AG slots.
“When I first got the game everything seemed so complex and complicated “ —CEO: topGottem.
We work weekly and daily to provide builds that are simple, Easy to operate, and have high end performance and looks, all while keeping the characteristics Of complex work performance and premium engineering in simple terms. With our builds keeping the complex work performance and premium Quality of a complex build, but being simple and easier to understand, we can revolutionize The builds in the community here at Aurora CO. Space industries! “

  • Aurora CO. Space industries
    — “ making aeronautics the new simple “ —

My current big projects going on right now are:

-Luna rover series: 100, 100x and 200 models
-the SSTO automatics
-Telescope valley! (The new ara of sandboxes)
-the J2 Rocket Long term development project

telescope valley sandbox announcement

This will be my first original sandbox! And it guna be epic!!!

Telescope valley Will feature historical telescopes like Hubble, Kepler, James Webb, and many more!!
As well as famous Historical satellites and space stations like the
MIR Space station and sputnik!
All with real names, real entered service dates and Entered Retirement dates! As well as exact Orbits!!😆🛰🙂📡🪐
We plan for thar to be 16+ in the map and hopefully another version after this one With historical / past information content include!)
This is the biggest Project aurora CO. Has ever taken on by far!
There will be Company announcement with more info and regarding what The map will include, when release date is decided.
announcement date yet to be announced

And next on build list is:

!! All projects are back on the tables but upload dates have changed!!

  • we are proud to announce that we will be updating projects daily for now on! 😆 and yes telescope valley is still on the tables??

  • Aurora-vulture1; 2t Capsule & Service module (My first ever original build And orbital vehicle Release

<-SK1 drone plane >/11/2020

<-ludicrous speed Mini mouse >/12/2020

Aurora CO. Space industries
— “Making aeronautics the new simple” —

Signed CEO: TopGottem