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*This user has decided to leave the community for a while (2020-04-14)


Yeah it's me, Toni Stuck in little turtle suit XwX

(Plz don't kill me MARVEL & Mojang)

My Brief Intro

You may know me on, although I'm a poor high school student who isn't known well......

As you can see, I'm not good at building amazing things, that's probably the reason why I have joined (SP) for one year but never even reached gold...
Probably because of my dumb head
I'm just a idiot...... the most useless in the world......xwx
(And the doctor told me I'm mid-depressed,idk)
Well never mind

But I like and love everything here still, including rockets, space, vehicles, crafts, robots, builds and arts from different countries, and a lot of things.
Everything except politicals.

BTW, nationalities don't mean too much to me. I'm always trying to be friendly to everyone on this planet, even if some are aggressive sometimes.

Most of my builds here are related to SpaceAgency so far, I fursonally think it's a great mobile game which is friendly to beginners.

I especially liked historical and classical builds, interested in Furry culture and really loved cute lovely furry creatures.How adorable they are!
(Well I'm not gonna hide anymore, I'm a furry)

I'm absolutely willing to work with someone if anyone could accept a noob(that's me)...

Something about this noob:
Always using old versions of game
Knows nothing about programming
Empty wallet
Dumb head
Less friends

You could find me on Droo planet using this Penguin Number: 29-16-51-78-40.

My Builds

SpaceAgency Vehicles


(Click the icons to view)

===Station Builder Tug===

My first build in SR2 Community
Achieved Home Page in April 2021

Automated Transfer Vehicle

======Spy Satellite======

====Explosive Module====



(Click the icons to view)



Historical Replicas


DFH-1 Satellite

Imaginary stuffs


Space BMW(BottledMineralWater)

RuaRuaRua! OwO

Previously known as GentonGengar