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    Thank you…..DONE!

    8 days ago
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    I didn’t even think to look there (brain fart) . After once again closing the notification to update I see it’s

    Also, some vehicles that I did allow the system to auto fix the big list of new problems, simply blow up after being set on the launch pad whereas they didn’t before. Very strange huh?

    9 days ago
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    Can Mobile (tablet) users assume that this update is not met for us? I keep getting notifications to update and none is available, however I also keep getting “warnings” prior to launching vehicles; and if I allow the system to fix those warnings, all hell breaks loose. Something ain’t right gang.

    9 days ago
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    @SoulBlazer since I’m relying apple iPad (4th gen) these days after my laptop went belly up (tire of spending good money on em) I’m not real computer savvy after Vista. I just don’t have the desire to keep up on learning new puter systems.
    So I’m not entirely certain how discord’s work.
    But is this the download link https://www.simplerockets.com/c/6rqE2r/Join-the-largest-SR2-discord#

    3.1 years ago
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    Thx for the input. I saved the project under different name for tinkering purposes and went back to work on it.
    I did manage to get it to work on the tail lights. Why it works this way is beyond me when I DID NOT have to do it with the other lights, but it does work none the less.
    1. put the pointer on the light to edit first.
    2. Open paint tool. (Don’t you dare move the pointer 🤪)
    3. Select color
    4. Tap part to apply.
    5. Exit paint tool.
    6. Repeat steps 1-5 till completion.
    Like I said, I didn’t have to do it this way with the other lights. It is what it is though.
    UPDATE: Application of these procedures were not initially successful on the original craft. Why? Well I’ll tell you, it was all definitely error in using the custom pallet on the paint tool. I was using one color panel to change my color instead of others. I understand why too. The available colors are those already found in the build. Change one and you change the color assignment elsewhere. Man this game comes with a learning curve when it should come with a book!

    +1 3.1 years ago
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    Lights placed solely on KOMODO COMMAND CAPSULE
    It is two types of lights. Color is set to primary custom
    GP 1. Beacon lights x6. AG GP1 “Nav Lights” red and blue. Standard blink
    GP2. (Spot) lights X3, AG GP 2 “nose lights” RGB
    GP3. Spot) light x4, AG GP 3 “Solar panel lights” red and green
    Here’s where things go sour
    G4. (spot) light x4 , AG GP 4 “tail lights” bluegreenish
    PLACEMENT is on bottom where a heat shield might go.
    If I apply the color which is a blueish green (not used anywhere else) to these lights EVERY green light in the other groups change to this color. If I go to those groups to change back to solid green , the lights in GP4 (tail lights will follow suit) .
    However, in experimental exercise trying to identify the problem, if I change the color in GP4 to say red, then the green lights in other groups will change to red.

    Even more screwy, if I’m successful with one, I tried closing the paint mod reopening it , then selected a color, any color before anything (I haven’t even touched the ship) the primary ship color changes
    If posting craft is necessary, should I try to upload it to the show case stuff other ships are found, I don’t think an image is what you’re looking for here.

    3.1 years ago