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I am a lurker. I go around and look at crafts and see what I can put them through, think of me as the critic that will look at crafts and judge them. I won't look at modded craft that much because I mainly play on mobile and my PC is a potato, phone good though, I can play up to 3000 parts will small lag, sadly any part more and my phone will lag badly.

Will I be making any crafts?
This is now a very nice yes, I enjoy making fighters and different type of planes, I might be working on a space craft, ;)

Am I working on any crafts?
Definitely, Working on a variety of stuff, the main thing I want to start now is a space craft, multiple tests later I am struggling, but it might turn out alright

If I make a craft what can I do with it?

If I make a craft, do whatever you want with it, paint it, change a few things or change the hole thing I don't care just give me little credit.