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Started playing the game in November 2019.
Its fun as heck!

My Aim:
I have a passion for realism yet I am also a futuristic freak. My crafts started out super tweaked as I learned the games tools etc.
My aim now is to create realistic and fictional crafts that follow todays limitations in hopes to have practical ideas ready to go for when Career Mode comes out.
Something tells me I will have to start appreciating rockets more... for their payload.

Expect the odd replica or off the wall style crafts now and then.

Currently working on a modular traveling space station for any possible use.
Starts as a shuttle to help carry payload and small bits into space and then the cockpit and shuttle tail will break in half and dock at the nose and tail of your newly built craft to help push it to some local Sol Solar System Location.
Thats why shes going to be called the “Sol Train”

Then Im hoping to get the guts to tackle an Air Ship from Final Fantasy 1,2or3.
The Dreadnought looks fun.

(Taking a break from this next project as I stared at it for 3 months now lol. Its posted under “need help please “)
It is a massive VTOL cargo carrier called the “Galaxy Leap Frog” a futuristic payload and ramp loading shuttle with a 24 man crew, room to sleep just as many clients, a flight bridge, dinning hall and medical area, many other rooms and on board vehicles to explore. Basically a flying hotel with in house parking. It will be a computer melter with the craft currently already sitting at 3300 parts. (Pulled parts and assemblies to help me build it)
This cargo carrier is the reason I made the Mobile Test Dummy, expect to see a few equipped inside the ship.

Many more side projects in the works as I get board in my progression that may rise into public view.

Thank you for any interest in my crafts!