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Upcoming project: A warship?
You can call me SpaceJunk69, 'cuz giving any personal information is pretty dangerous on any website. And I love ice cream. Anyways, I came across this game not over 5 years ago and started this account probably some years later. I was in search of a good game, a space one, the one with similar gameplay system to KSP on mobile phone. After I came across SR2, i was fell in love the second I look at the gameplay. That's pretty much how i find this game. I still enjoy playing it, even though my lack of skillz can make me stressed out.
Currently, I am playing the game on laptop and sometimes my android device. I'm not really good at pretty much any aspects in this game, i have only a handful of experience playing this game. Other than that, I often times used the tinker panel to make my crafts perform perfectly as intended, but i don't go really overboard with it.
Usually, it takes me 1-6 months to build and also post a craft, ranging from airplane, rockets, and the other things. I use an app named Canva to make a thumbnail and also some editing software in my laptop. Unfortunately I have to take some time off the game to take care of my real life. I love sharing crafts because, i want to? 🗿
Oh yeah, a little warning, especially for a grammar police if you are one of them. Do not ever check my old posts. Most of them have a major grammatical issues in their description because back then I was still learning English, other than that, they are, probably, cringe .

Since i played this game 5 years ago, I have met a lot of good fellers, they helped me out with projects, gameplay systems, etc.
if you want to visit them, i linked their account here, don't forget to visit their account!🗿📋

After sharing some of my completed projects, here's a list of my best crafts:
1. KRI Majapahit Class Supercarrier
2. Theseus SHLLV
3. Stargazer I Block B
4. Stargazer II Block C
5. Habibie H.B IX Baladewa

6. VX-77 Apollyon

Other than the best one, here's more complete craft list so far:

1.DLS Phoenix Heavy B4
2.Saturn MLV-421B
3.Saturn MLV 135 V
4.DLS Delta Block 5
5.Taurus Delta C-V2
6.Aphrodite Block 1
7.Stargazer I Block B
8.Stargazer II Block C
1.IF-31 Raven II
2.IFX ER34A Fefnir STOVL
3.ISFX 2 Arjuna
4.Habibie H.B IX Baladewa
1.KRI Majapahit Class Supercarrier
2.MATS-1201 B V1
3.ISC Antares
just be careful when visiting those crafts since most of them are, well, cringe 🗿.
(P.S: Not all craft are included, because, they are not really worth to see)

Thank you for visiting my account, i hope you are doing well with everything, catch you later then!😁

Thanks for everything!

Previously known as bramfarel307, foreignlazyman307, IAMMF, IAMMFHeavyIndustries