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STATUS: Busy with life :(

Yes, I may look like a newbie, but I ain't, I am from, account known as Saturn28, but I deleted that and became SaturnV! But, more than being this, I am Saturn28 if you remember me, I was on but I deleted and became Saturnv Just a heads up here, that's why I have 0 points. Anyhow! I am excited about playing SR2! I can't wait to be a pioneer like we are all!
Also, SaturnV is the Founder of SaturnVDynamics

I am known as Saturn28, Saturnv , and am Hindu! I love Boeing and their ideas for going to space!
Ultra-realism mod in KSP be like

747 talking to a Cessna 172 be like:

I am awaiting the release of this beauty by Boeing. (Btw, the Boeing 777-200LR is my favorite aircraft)