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Updated April 4 2022
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This now my third or fourth account(I am always forgetting my password) I have two active accounts one with uploads and one without.i might have more than two accounts probably at least 5 accounts.

CODENAME: MARS tech commander military division and Research of outer space and interplanetary defence.

Some bio on me/my character I like to envision myself as. Commander and chairman of S.T.A.R. Owner of D.S.E.S. (Scroll down for the backstory of D.S.E.S) and also of gateway tech.

For my character whom I am the commander and captain of S.T.A.R and all of it’s associates. I like to think myself as a shapeshifter/human/mutant/alien since the XLE-formula bonded with the DNA I can mimic anything. Essentially a one man army. Over the years my character referred to alien instead of human so to the shapeshifter formula in his system.

I get inspiration from GEOSTORM. My space station or stations are inspired by the one from GEOSTORM
Both D.S.E.S and S.T.A.R have had problems with the space program. in the end all worked out

Partnerships and collaboration for me is using other people’s rockets but always mentioning them somewhere, I never take the credit away from the main builder of the rockets I use

Gateway technology, basically MARS tech under a new name, but with better intentions, due to lack of trust, but with better technology and better space tech

MARS tech is now the new face of my space organizations MARS tech is now the head organization. They are the step into the future for STAR and DSES, MARS tech is the future for my organization and it will be mentioned more then the other two
Project Helios is the total reboot of earth, by evacuating earth then bombing the planet with special missles calls G-30s special missles that can reset its target to dust of just lots of bio-class weapon that is sometimes dangerous
A classified S.T.A.R command space station will be launched before all of the other space stations.more info will be released when S.T.A.R launches the command station.

My creations made on iPhone, so some of my builds are so big the don’t work on my iPhone. If you got a computer I hope you enjoy.

I could keep writing and make a entire story on S.T.A.R but I won't. It would take to long and S.T.A.R is a space exploration company not storey book.

Founder and owner of S.T.A.R and all associates.
S.T.A.R takes its business seriously and doesn’t cut corners when building space shuttles,space stations, interplanetary starships.

S.T.A.R has safety protocols when it comes to building space stations especially big ones like the SS1,SS2. All of S.T.A.R’s starships and space stations are linked up to 2 mainframes that are highly secure locations. So S.T.A.R can go about their business in peace:a Side note when one mainframe gets hacked it sends a special electrical virus to the hackers computer and fries it to a crisp literally.

United Space Alliances or galactic space alliances
The Is a company of all of my organizations. This company does collaborations with other space agencies. This company also does collaborative rocket launches, and satellite launch’s and space supplies, modules.
The United Space Alliances works with all of my organizations, but mostly MARS tech both are working on a special project called ATLAS.
Atlas is a space station that has only MARS tech and United Space Alliances technology. My company STAR interplanetary was busy working on a special project of their own. ARK.

In association with D.S.E.S
S.T.A.R and D.S.E.S are both space exploration companies that decided to join up after seeing that they both wanted to colonize space and planets and they wanted to speed up the colonization rate.

MARS tech

MARS tech is the newest company to join STAR. Now three companies make it more organized in all of STAR and DSES’s Space technology. MARS tech supports the distribution of all star gate tech. Star gate technology is for interplanetary travel. This side of my company makes. Spaceships and special weapons for the public. The weapons cannot be used against another person or any off my military personnel, they can only be used against hostiles.

My space stations will use some parts from other users. Parts like batteries,fuel modules,solar panel parts.
S.T.A.R supports a space program that it has been waiting to launch into space and stake it’s claim. S.T.A.R inc,S.T.A.R international and S.T.A.R interplanetary. All support funds to S.K.Y S.T.A.R 1 and 2. each department supports different parts of the SS1 and SS2 both stations are different designs and different purposes for space exploration. The SS1 has heat shields on every part of the station manly for protection against any unwanted sun flares. The SS2 has no heat shielding only on the capsules there’s heat shields. If it re-enters a planets atmosphere it is manly just to recover it later and rebuild it on the ground not in space. (If there is anything left of it that is)

S.T.A.R command: command central of S.T.A.R’s operations. Technology sector of S.T.A.R. And mainframe central for S.T.A.R.
S.T.A.R international: supports the modules for the space station and solar panels.
S.T.A.R inc:supports space shuttle launches to and from the space station.
S.T.A.R interplanetary:supports thrusters and antigravity technology for the station

(Keep in mind all of the S.T.A.R companies support both space stations. S.K.Y S.T.A.R 1 and S.K.Y S.T.A.R 2 are funded by the the same companies.)

S.T.A.R can teleport between timelines. So when technology like that. The fate of the company is controlled and decided

S.T.A.R and D.S.E.S are peacekeepers. But S.T.A.R does have it’s own military same with D.S.E.S if they didn’t have a military they wouldn’t be Able to keep the peace. If the call to war comes they sit it out and intervene when the time is right.

S.T.A.R also means exploring the farthest reaches of space and planets. I have two mottos “go big or go home” or “the bigger it is the better” another motto S.T.A.R has is “do it right and you live to breath another day”

S.T.A.R has deep space sleep pods on all of their starships and hyperspace warp drives. laser defence and dark matter powered engines and more. They are basically the leader in space technology and advanced tech. D.S.E.S supplies S.T.A.R with deep space starships.Etc

Deep space exploration starship(I still need to think of some goals for D.S.E.S)
D. Deep
S. Space
E. Exploration
S. Starships

D.S.E.S had started out as a research company for chemical and space research. It didn’t start out well for them they had tons of accidents. After one huge accident. The company owner decided it was best to give S.T.A.R complete control.After S.T.A.R was Handed control of the company they put their own policy into place and afterworlds D.S.E.S had no more chemical accidents.

1.Launch SS1 in one launch and in less than four hours of gameplay
2.Launch SS2 in less then three hours
3.launch the SS2 into a orbit of mars
4.using SS2 colonize mars
5.launch to more space stations (SS3,SS4)
6.last but not least I don’t by accident de-orbit one of the space stations.

OPTIONAL de-orbit
The de-orbit of the SS2 is a option. So if I don’t have a use for the station I de-orbit it. If I still need the station I’ll keep it in orbit.
The SS2 will be de-orbited after day 2000(gameplay time)

Stage 1 of its de-orbit is after coming back to earth it will dock with the SS1 for the final time
Stage 2:it undocks with the SS1 and leaves two fuel storages onboard the SS1
Stage 3: two fuel rugs on board the station fires it’s thrusters at certain times for a controlled descent back to earth
Stage 4: aiming for the ocean the station renters the atmosphere at the right time
Stage 5:the remains of the SS2 are marked for future salvation.

Previously known as STARinterplanetary, MARStechnology