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Rocket Science Co

Rocket Science Co is a world renowned private company with huge ambitions, such going to Luna or Cylero. However, our ultimate goal is to Create and Innovate Rockets. This means we are a dedicated team, who is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

What We Do

Here at Rocket Science Co we provide: A-Class Customer Service and Satisfaction, Leading-Edge Missions and Advanced Technology for everyone.

Our Launch Experience

We've been rapidly launching satellites after satellites from distinct customers all over Droo, and launching their satellites to orbit. Indicating that we are professionals and has lots of experience with manufacturing, handling and launching rockets.

Contact Us

If you have some questions or would like to request something, you can send us an email by using this email address, you can also contact us via Twitter DM’s and lastly, you can also find us on Discord. All emails are to receive a response within 6 hours to 48 hours. We are always open to any suggestions or for any rocket troubleshooting.

The account bio is still in progress, but more info and pictures will be added later on.

Previously known as hiam0620, RocketScienceIncorporated