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Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional

Medical Doctor, pandemic veteran

Background account: Started uploading Craft when my saved Craft suddenly lost on my phone

Design Futuristic Ship that still use out dated rocket technology, usually take a month for me to complete just one craft.

Upcomming Project:

  • Micro Saturn V
  • Nano Surveyor Vessel
  • Micro Starship
  • Universal Cargo Vessel
  • Manned Mars & Moon Mission


1. First SR2 Vizzy to The Luna and Back
2. First SR2 Lambert Solver for Interplanetary Transfer
3. First SR2 to The Mars and Back
4. First SR2 Realistic Apollo Mission Vizzy
5. Featured on Loading Screen
6. First Real Gravity Turn on SR2 & KSP

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100 upvotes : done!

Thanks for your support!!!


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