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I'm a four-star general from SSSSA (Syldavian Sprodj Space Strategy Agency), but I can also direct rocket design. So, I hope you enjoy my work. Have a nice trip!
Here, on behalf of my country, I welcome you to our capital, Klow, which is a very beautiful city. As the saying goes: Eih bennek, eih blavek. (Here I Am, Here I Stay.)
(Our country uses both the Latin and Cyrillic letters. I prefer the Cyrillic alphabet, but I must use the Latin alphabet for work reasons because they are better typed in the computer.)
Some introductions about SSSA: This is an advanced space sector in the world, and it's the pride of Syldavia. Our men were the first to land on the moon and back to Earth, but unfortunately, we didn't remember to carry the national flag. Now we have the technology to propel rockets powered by clean energy, and they are exploring the solar system. Also, let me explain several acronyms.
4S: Syldavian Space Strategy System. Most satellites are belong to this system.
NAP: National Autopilot Products. Autopilot rockets that funded by our government.
FISC: Fast/Fair Internet Satellite Constellation.