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    I agree to the whole point. Game is hard and requires time investment to fly things but that's good.
    I also agree that SR2 really needs explanation on how to use orbit tools (planned burns etc). Not everyone has played KSP and it's weird to see a tool which is not explained in any way.

    Idk maybe not even a tutorial but just a wiki page here which explain game systems/ux?

    +2 2.2 years ago
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    Thanks for awesome game and support.
    While you're at website, would you mind adding a search bar for crafts? I know that you can search for them using https://www.simplerockets.com/Crafts/search but this function is nowhere to be found from navigation. Besides that, this search uses Google for its purpose and results don't contain ranking/miniature/etc. You gotta click thru to see details which isn't too convinient.

    It's been suggested also https://www.simplerockets.com/Feedback/View/FR8k40/Please-add-a-search-bar


    +1 2.9 years ago
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    Please, could anyone answer me somehow? ;) I just wanted to learn something from all you pros about engine optimization, aerodynamics and stuff. I've fiddled with engines but I struggle to get past 400km.

    2.1 years ago
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    Still no release for Android :( any word on that @AndrewGarrison?

    2.2 years ago
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    3.0 years ago