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I made a website for the stuff i do here, if you like what i do you might want to check it out

Orbital Sailors Aerospace is a private company focused on developing rockets, aircrafts and rovers for all needs and requirements. From delivering cargo across the ocean to establishing a permanent stay on other celestial bodies, we can provide it.

Status: Inactive

Upcoming/Active Projects:
- Droomirates' fleet
- Firefly Rocket Family

Not FAQ:

  • "Are you just one guy?"

    • Yep, but for the sake of roleplay i always refer to OSAS as "we".

  • "How often do you post?"

    • Like i said in one of my posts, sometimes "all employees and the CEO just disappear whenever they feel like it and only come back after an undetermined amount of time" so yeah...

You can find a handy list of all of my crafts (with an image and short description) at here

Our best creations (in my opinion):

Previously known as SlenderBoy, SL3NDER, MacNMafia