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Orbispace is dedicated to providing low cost launches for satallite customers, and high cadence launches to companies and countries with insufficient funds when it comes to launching orbital payloads, we offer rockets in cargo, lander, and hopefully in the near future, crew, variants, the ultimate goal at current, is to get into the private space tourism industry, with a few more manned moon missions planned, and soon to be launched, the current leader's in our company's fleet of rockets are the stellaris IX and IV, both supporting high launch cadence and reliable earth to orbit flight, Orbispace currently owns 3 launch pads down at the kennedy space center, including SLC 41, 39A, and 39B, we also own 2 launch pads, both used for launching our medium lift rockets, as we currently dont have any Heavy lift/small lift Launchers in service,

NOTE: most of everything i build will become a reality and will be built as part of terraspace in the future.